Kerri Hollywood  |  Community Recreation Personnel Support Programs

Balance is all about control of our body’s position. We need balance when we are in a stationary position like a yoga pose or during a movement like ice skating at Springer Market Square. Balance is a key element of fitness and health but we often just don’t train for balance enough.

As we get older, it’s a very important part of exercise to consider because many older adults experience some type of slip, trip or fall each year. Balance exercises can help to prevent falls and even make daily activities easier as we get older.

The Stability Ball will most likely always remain one of my all-time favorite pieces of fitness equipment because of its versatility and focus on Balance, Core Stability and Strength all in one. The Ball can also continue to challenge you even when you feel you are ready for the next level of difficulty. Today, many of us have a Stability Ball rolling around the house – we just aren’t using it enough.

So, here are some simple and effective Basic Ball Balance Exercises that you can do at home while you are watching CKWS TV:

  • Sit
  • Move your hips side to side
  • March
  • Heel digs
  • Bird dog
  • Bridge

Another thing to consider if you want to make any Ball Balance exercise more challenging is to narrow your stance by bringing your knees and feet closer together as this will challenge more core muscles. Try one!