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Great things start to happen when you add poles to your daily walk!

When walking, just by adding poles, you engage more muscles. This increases your heart hate, improves your cardiovascular system and gets your blood flowing. You also burn more calories, improve your posture and strengthen your core.

If you are concerned about balance or if you are uncertain you have the stamina for a walk, poles can actually help with that, too. Holding two poles instead of one or a cane helps you develop a better balanced body because it gives you support on both sides. This also means you might have the confidence to walk longer or farther than you first expected.

If you are unsure about walking due to knee, hip or ankle issues, adding your upper body allows you to transfer some of your body weight to the poles, taking pressure and weight off of the lower joints.

I personally love the walking poles from Urban Poling, a Canadian company, and here’s why:

  • Very strong and light weight
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easier to grip
  • Rubber boot absorbs vibration and can be removed for snow and ice walking
  • No straps, protecting your wrists and hands from injury. For example: if you do lose your balance, you can let go of the pole to catch your balance and not get tangled up.

If you are looking to purchase poles, visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart store right here in Kingston or visit

If you are looking to join a walking group, with or without poles, visit us at the CFB Kingston Base Gym and ask about our Winter Walking program on our six-lane indoor track or check out

You can also chat with my fellow poling instructor and friend Kari Galasso. She leads “Free Try it” sessions here at the CFB Kingston Base Gym and has other poling classes and events around Kingston as well. For more info, check out:

Most of us know how good walking is for us; it gets us out of our chairs and moving and that is always the first step. Less Talk and More Walk. See you on the Indoor Track!