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One of Kingston’s best-kept secrets: Garrison Bowling Lanes, CFB Kingston

Nancy Graham has been the manager for over 10 years and is pretty passionate about the sport.

History of Garrison Lanes:

Garrison Lanes has been a vital player in the history of 5 pin bowling at CFB Kingston. The first four lanes here were originally in an H hut in the area near the Garrison Golf and Curling Club. Those four lanes were moved to our current location in 1982, with the addition of another six lanes and automatic pinsetters.

Many young men and women started out bowling here as military ‘brats’ living in PMQ’s, have become members of the Canadian Armed Forces and love to stop in while on course or visiting with their families to see their old stomping grounds or their names hanging on banners from their days with the youth bowling league.

One thing that I learned working alongside Nancy was that 5 Pin Bowling is actually a Canadian Heritage Sport.

It was invented in 1909 by a fellow name Tommy Ryan in Toronto. In its early days it was considered a “gentleman’s sport”. Today every gender participates in this sport. Gone are the days of “pin boys” and manual scoring. most bowling alleys now have computerized scoring and automatic pinsetters.

So what is the difference between 5 Pin and 10 Pin bowling?

In 5 pin bowling, you have three turns. however, there is a little more than a foot in distance between each pin. Technically, you could bowl each of your balls between the pins and have no pinfall.

It’s a much harder game than 10 pin bowling, but don’t tell a 10 pin bowler that.

A perfect score in 5 pin bowling is 450. Garrison Lanes has had six perfect games bowled here, two of them by the same bowler, Warren Plazzotta.

I love things that get people moving but some people might not realize that bowling can be considered quite good exercise. 

Nancy recently bowled three games and tracked her steps. although she’s not a good bowler, she did manage to rack up a little over 1600 steps and get her heart rate up.

The other thing I love about 5 Pin Bowling is that it doesn’t matter if you are 4 years old or 84 years old – all ages and all abilities can play it!

Anyone can bowl; it is a sport and recreation activity for all ages and abilities. no experience is necessary to join a league or have some fun.

Something you may not know is Garrison Bowling Lanes can host all kinds of functions too. Team building events to birthday parties and even cosmic karaoke bowling so you can sing the blues to your bowling score.

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